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Customs Clearance

International Customs

Need to ship something but are put off by the amount of paperwork? AP Show Logistics can assist in the completion of all documentation requirements, including commercial invoices, packing lists and CMR, Airwaybills or Bills of Lading. This ensures all customs formalities are set up prior to departure and, most importantly, upon arrival. This means that you can relax with complete peace of mind knowing that your consignment is in the best possible hands.

Naturally, we treat all shipments are treated as time critical and we ensure all is in place before arrival to avoid any unwanted delays or hold-ups. Contact us for a quote.

cargo container sea freight

  • Import Customs brokerage including TIB – Temporary Import Bond guarantee
  • Permanent clearances
  • Payment of any Duties or taxes
  • Cancellation of Customs Bonds upon re-export
  • Application for Import Permits
  • Completion and advice on ATA Carnets